The Singer experience

The Singer experience is our most popular range, bringing fun, encouragement and confidence to any one who loves to sing. We have a tremendous range of backing tracks to choose from, crafted by us, and we'll guide you through the process of recording to make it a truly pleasurable and unforgettable experience. Read more >

The Player experience

The perfect gift for those who play an instrument and sing. Armed with their instrument of choice, we’ll set them comfortably in our live room, surround them by expensive microphones, and capture singing and playing. They can choose to sing and play their own songs, cover versions, or even play along with instrument-specific backing tracks. Read more >

The Songwriter experience

This perfect gift will turn lyrics on paper in to a full music production fit for radio broadcast. We regard our Songwriter experience as the flagship day in the studio because it means we can unleash the full production power of our producer and his state-of-the-art studio system. We specialise in creating Ballads, Pop and Rock songs. Perfect for all ages from 11+. Read more >

The Band experience

A real treat for any up and coming band, whatever age. Using our expensive microphones and hi-tech digital mixing equipment running at 96khz for best quality, each member of the group will be captured playing and singing together. A number of takes per track, and then your music will be liberally dowsed in studio mixing magic, edited and mastered. For groups of 3 to 6 members, including a drummer (use your own kit or use ours). Read more >

The Drummer experience

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional drummer, playing and recording on the legendary Yamaha Recording Custom kit is superb fun and a real treat. We can use drum-less backing tracks to capture you and make you part of your favourite music. Multi-takes, editing, production, mixing and mastering included. The video option is great too if you want to capture moving images too! Read more >

The Producer experience

Now you're at the helm of the recording console, under the full guidance of our in-house engineer and producer. You can also bring one or two more participants as your 'act for the day' to record and produce. They may play guitar, piano and/or sing. Everything from mic placement, compression, EQ, mixing, producing and mastering is included - a real 'flash' tutorial! Read more >