The Drummer Experience

Our Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit has been played and recorded on many commerical tracks. Then we thought “wouldn’t it be good to offer this as a recording experience in its own right”. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional drummer, playing and recording on this legendary kit is superb fun and a real treat. What’s more, the cost to hire all this equipment for a day from a reputable hire company would be in the region of £750 – and that’s without the recording studio and helpful engineer in on the mix!

Play and record using our own awesome sounding 6 piece Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit, complimented with either the Yamaha Steel or Birch recording custom snare drum. Every drummers dream.

Multiple takes and editing, and with 10 microphones around the kit, we can mix each song you record on the drums to sound exactly how you’d like it. You can bring in your own song(s), or record drums over backing tracks specifically for drummers (tracks without drums on) which are available as reference on websites such as Karaoke-Version.

Drum Microphones


Some technical bits for those interested. Kick = Sennheiser e602, 4 x Toms = 4 x Sennheiser e604, Snare top/bottom = Sennheiser e904/Shure PGA98D, Hi-Hats – AKG C451b, Overheads L/R – 2 x AKG C414 XLS,Ride – AKG C451b. Value of microphones – £2500.

Yes you can take away the individual files if you want to mix them further back at home. These WAV files can be up to 96khz at 24bit. You’ll have 9 tracks per song that you record (overheads will be 1 stereo track) so please bring a fast USB3 memory stick. We can convert the files down to 48Khz or 44.1Khz if required for your system too.

Yamaha Recording Custom drums are the most widely recorded drums in history. Yamaha have been producing them for over 40 years (originally called 9000 series).

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