Prepare for your experience


  • Dress smart and look good – We may be taking a photograph and/or video of you
  • Plan your route and arrive on time. We’re happy to welcome you 15 minutes before your session starts
  • Find our location easily by Searching for Audio Sorcery Recording Studios on your smartphone SatNav
  • Don’t forget your reading glasses
  • Bring food if your session is longer than 5 hours


  • Choose your songs in advance from our Backing Track library
  • On average, allow 1 hour per song with your experience – however, more songs can be recorded if:
    (a) Each song choice is 3¾ minutes duration or less (b) You have practiced to a backing (karaoke) track (c) You have learnt the song lyrics
  • Listen to our Vocal Tips and Exercises by professional vocalist Jake Boyle
  • Practice makes perfect – find karaoke versions of songs on Spotify or YouTube for rehearsing
  • Make notes about your songs. Where to come in and where not to sing. Breathing points through complicated passages
  • If you haven’t learned the lyrics, bring them on a iPad/tablet device or printed on paper
  • Stay clear of caffeinated tea/coffee and milk. Bring a suitable drink to get the best from your vocal cords. Perhaps make your own honey and lemon drink, or bring warm water, decaffeinated tea or herbal/green tea (peppermint/chamomile)
  • Don’t eat just before or during your singing session

How many songs can I sing?

Singer Silver – 1 hour experience – Record 1 song under 3¾ minutes duration
Singer Silver Plus – 1½ hours experience – Record 1 song or perhaps up to 2 songs*
Singer Gold – 2 hour experience – Record 2 songs or perhaps up to 3 songs*
Singer Gold Plus – 2½ hours experience – Record 2 or 3 songs, or perhaps up to 4 songs*
Singer Platinum – 3 hours experience – Record 3 songs, or perhaps up to 5 songs*
Singer Platinum Plus – 3½ hours experience – Record 3 or 4 songs, or perhaps up to 6 songs*
Singer Emerald – 4 hour experience – Record 4 songs, or perhaps up to 7 songs*
Singer Emerald Plus – 5 hour experience – Record 5 songs, or perhaps up to 9 songs*
Singer Diamond – 6 hour experience – Record 6 songs, or perhaps up to 11 songs*
Singer Cut Diamond – 8 hour experience – Record 8 songs, or perhaps up to 15 songs*

*Singing a full quota of songs for any given experience relies on you being well versed with each song i.e. able to sing each song in the correct key without the original track as a prompt, and able to sing each song from memory without the need of lyrics. Also, each song should have a duration of 3¾ minutes or less. If in any doubt, choose to sing less songs and bring lyrics. We’ll readily assist you so that you can have an enjoyable singing experience – and of course we’ll produce fantastic listening results for you to take home and show off to friends and family 🙂


  • Bring your tuner to the studio for any stringed instruments
  • A fresh set of guitar strings sound so much better when recorded
  • Bring lyric sheets with added key/chord notes throughout. Helpful for us if we’re to add any additional parts – bring copies
  • Bring any leads you’d normally connect your equipment with
  • Bass amplifiers aren’t generally necessary as we DI (direct injection) the bass guitar straight into our mixing console
  • Fresh drums sticks and heads. We’ll help with tom tuning if required

What's included

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