Prepare for your experience


  • Dress smart and look good – We may be taking a photograph and/or video of you
  • Plan your route and arrive on time. We’re happy to welcome you 15 minutes before your session starts
  • Find our location easily by Searching for Audio Sorcery Recording Studios on your smartphone SatNav
  • Don’t forget your reading glasses
  • Bring food if your session is longer than 5 hours


    • Choose your songs in advance from our Backing Track library
    • Listen to our Vocal Tips and Exercises by professional vocalist Jake Boyle
    • Practice makes perfect – find karaoke versions of songs on Spotify or YouTube for rehearsing
    • Make notes about your songs. Where to come in and where not to sing. Breathing points through complicated passages
    • Bring the lyrics on a iPad/tablet device or printed on paper
    • Stay clear of caffeinated tea/coffee and milk. Bring a suitable drink to get the best from your vocal cords. Perhaps make your own honey and lemon drink, or bring warm water, decaffeinated tea or herbal/green tea (peppermint/chamomile)
    • Don’t eat just before your singing session


    • Bring your tuner to the studio for any stringed instruments
    • A fresh set of guitar strings sound so much better when recorded
    • Bring lyric sheets with added key/chord notes throughout. Helpful for us if we’re to add any additional parts – bring copies
    • Bring any leads you’d normally connect your equipment with
    • Bass amplifiers aren’t generally necessary as we DI (direct injection) the bass guitar straight into our mixing console
    • Fresh drums sticks and heads. We’ll help with tom tuning if required

    What's included

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