Pop Star Party

We post this information sheet with your order.

Choose your song in advance

We’ll supply professional quality backing track for your party session. Whether it’s a charting topping hit from the past, or a fresh tune currently being played on Radio 1’s playlist, we’re sure to have the track. You can find versions of tracks to rehearse with on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube. Just use the track and artist name in your search together with the word ‘karaoke’. Be careful not to choose a vocally challenging song that some members of your group may find hard to perform. R&B and rap songs often fall into our ‘hard’ category. If in doubt, rehearse a few songs together before your recording studio party to find the ideal song choice. The duration of a chosen song should be no longer than 3.5 to 4 minutes (Bohemian Rhapsody is not an option!)

Prior Rehearsals

Backing tracks are great for rehearsals as they do not have any vocals recorded on them (except the backing harmonies). You can get backing tracks easily from many sources including iTunes (search with the term “karaoke” included) and from web sites like www.ameritz.co.uk. We use backing tracks at the studio too so make sure you know where to come in. Your producer is always happy to help.

Print your lyric sheets

You’ll need at least 4 copies of the lyric sheets at the studio. Make sure your lyric print-outs only span across one or two pages maximum as you’ll need to view them all without turning any pages or holding them. You can locate lyrics on Google by searching for the song/artist name with the word “Lyrics” included.

Prompt arrival

Prompt arrival is paramount so that we can start on schedule. 15 minutes prior to start time is allowed. You will be shown through to The Green Room and you can relax and use our facilities before the party starts.

Solo Part for individual singers?

It’s a good idea to plan solo or duo parts in advance. You might not wish to do separate parts but It really does make the final production much better as you can hear individual singers, as well as the standard choir of voices – and remember that you are always in the live room together when recording so there’s no need to be nervous with your friends! Generally speaking, you’ll split the verses into solo parts of a line or 2 each, and keep the chorus together to be sung by the whole group. For best results your lyric sheets should be marked with who’s doing what bits during the verses.

Group picture for your Music Web Page

The Recording studio party singers will first pose for their group picture in the studio live room and your band name will be noted so that the CD artwork can be created during your party (if you have CDs included with your party package). This picture is available for viewing and download on your private secure Music Web Page, where your track will be uploaded at the end of the party session.

Can I bring a camera?

You are welcome to bring still and video cameras to the studio, however you are not permitted to film the live room television display in The Green Room or from within the live room itself while we are in session and recording. Please ask the producers permission if you’d like to take still pictures in the live room at the end of the session.

HD Video Option

The party can be filmed in real-time via our HD Camera installed in the Live Room. We’ll film the entire party complete with producers comments and funny outtakes. MP4 files are either uploaded to a designated email address, or given to you on SD Card. You may have paid for this in advance, or it can be ordered on the day – just let the producer know when you arrive.

Singing and recording

Singers only in the live room. Parents and guests are invited to watch from the comfort of The Green Room. Singers put their headphones on so they can hear themselves, the music, and the producers directions from the control room. Then we start recording! You’ll do several “takes” of your chosen song until the producer is confident he has all the right parts to edit all the best bits together. He’ll then sprinkle a helping of studio magic over your song. The finalised track is then uploaded to your Music Web Page to share.

Food and drink

You may bring cold party nibbles and/or a birthday cake to enjoy near the end of the party while the producer finalises the music mix. Candles are not recommended as the smoke alarms will activate! Refreshments of water, squash, tea and coffee are provided in our kitchen. Please take any food waste and recycling home.

The Green Room

Up to 4 spectators may watch from The Green Room (more by appointment only). Please keep The Green Room tidy, and clean up after yourselves. Henry the hoover is present should there be crumbs on the floor!

The Kitchen

Feel free to use glasses, cutlery etc from our kitchen area. Help yourselves to tea and coffee. Milk is provided in the fridge. All items used should be washed up, dried up and put away. Thank you!


Please prepare to vacate the Green Room promptly at the end of your party session. Your producer will have the Music Web Page ready for sharing at the end of your allotted session time.