This perfect gift will turn lyrics on paper in to a full music production fit for radio broadcast. We regard our Songwriter experience as the flagship day in the studio because it means we can unleash the full production power of our state-of-the-art studio computer systems. We specialise in creating Ballads, Pop and Rock songs. Perfect for all ages from 9+.

It doesn’t matter if you can play an instrument or not. Our studio engineer will listen to your lyrical rendition and work out the chords and song structure. If you can play an instrument then we’ll use your parts as the building blocks. Using your ideas and influences we’ll spend a good part of the experience playing and programming the instrumentation needed to breath life in to the song – anything from drums, bass, strings, horns, organs, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, many synths and loops plus much more can be called up on the spot. We’ll lay down the songwriters vocals and craft the sound to perfection. The Longer the session chosen, the more intricate detail and production that can be added, such as vocal harmonies, guitar solos and/or string arrangements.

1 Music CD is included with this experience.

At the end of the exclusive Songwriter session you’ll have a unique track that will amaze friends and family. You can even upload to streaming services like Spotify – it’s your track after all!

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{all at Audio Sorcery used his wizard to turn my meagre vocals into a complete song that I'm rally proud of. Fun to work with, Paul has made the process simple and rewarding ūüôā

Songwriter Platinum, 29th February 2024

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Millie Oates

Saturday 19th November 2022
Songwriter Platinum

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Here are some of our productions with various artists of 2019 to 2022. Looking forward to 2023!

01 – Of You and Me – Molly

02 – Alright – Josie

03 – Waste of Time – Leia

04 – Warmth of the Seasons – Saskia

05 – Midnight Casanova – Jonny

06 – Scar Me – Will

07 – Bethlehem Secret & Once In Darkness – Matt

08 – Santa’s Coming Home – Milly

09 – Pretty Please – Mollie

10 – Night Fall – Nicole

All song lyrics copyright of associated artist. Music instrumentation, production and arrangement by Paul Midcalf (Audio Sorcery). Jonny played his guitar, Will played our Piano. All other instruments (drums, strings, synths, piano, hammond, bass, acoustic guitar, eletric guitar) played by Paul Midcalf.

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